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The Tesla Model S P100D Is Faster Than Any Other Sedan On a Drag Strip

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Not to mention, it's quicker than most supercars.

We already knew that the new Tesla Model S P100D was probably the quickest production sedan in the world. The P90D model achieved 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, and the P100D can to it in just 2.5. Unsurprisingly, this new model is also faster on the drag strip. Youtube's DragTimes organized two Teslas to race at Palm Beach International Dragway with Florida Drilling's portable Supercharger setup that could recharge both cars. In a race with a Camaro, one of the Teslas sets a blistering 10.76-second time in the quarter mile.

This time makes it the quickest stock production sedan ever and faster than most supercars. If you think back to the first Fast And Furious movie, the whole goal was to have a 10-second car. Now, 15 years later, a stock luxury sedan with no engine can put down that time.

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We have no doubt that Tesla will continue to improve on these times. We wouldn't be surprised if a new generation of the Tesla Roadster could break into the nine second range with "Maximum Plaid." Tesla has been steadily improving drag times on its models from 12.3 seconds (P85), 11.6 seconds (P85D), 11.2 seconds (P90D Ludicrous Mode), and now 10.7 (P100D Ludicrous Mode). A nine-second Tesla won't be too far away.