The Tesla Model S P85D Broke The Consumer Reports Ranking System

Electric Car

Elon Musk has to be proud.

The Tesla ModelS is an extraordinary vehicle, but the Model S P85D is a completely differentanimal. We recently brought you a video of Consumer Reports testing the P85Dand while the zero to 60 mph time wasn’t what it should’ve been, they found thevehicle to be the best they’ve ever tested. Now we finally know how highly theautomotive group thinks the P85D actually is. The Tesla managed to get a scoreof 103 out of 100 in the Consumer Reports’ Ratings system. What does a car have to do to score over 100 on the scale?

It has to handle well, brake astoundingly well, be fuel efficient and, of course, accelerate inan insane manner. According to Consumer Reports, “the car set a new benchmark,so we had to make changes to our scoring to account for it.” Consumer Reportsdid say that the P85D was the best vehicle they’ve ever tested, but who would’veknown that it would’ve changed the game. However, the vehicle isn’t without itsfaults. The P85D doesn’t have the nicest interior materials, the ride is stiffand longer trips turn out to be hassle without any Superchargers along the way.With Tesla at the reigns, it’s safe to say that the future of cars is in goodhands.

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