The Tesla Model X Has Been Delayed (Again) Because Elon Musk Wants it to Be Perfect


In the meantime, Tesla is doing its best to put a good spin on the situation.

There were initial plans to begin production by the end of this year, but that's not going to happen. The Tesla Model X crossover is still in the pipeline, but its launch has now been delayed, again. But don't automatically assume this is a bad thing. It may end up being for the best. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the reason for the delay is to allow for additional testing. Whatever the issues/problems Tesla found, it wants to guarantee everything is sorted before customers drive their new Model X home.

So far, a reported 20,000 potential Model X buyers have already put down deposits. Some of them are not exactly thrilled at the moment, but Musk and crew have managed to properly spin the issue into something good: We prefer to forgo revenue, rather than bring a product to market that does not delight customers. Doing so negatively affects the short term, but positively affects the long term," an official company statement read. "There are many other companies that do not follow this philosophy that may be a more attractive home for investor capital. Tesla is not going to change." For now, no new Model X launch date has been announced.

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