The Tesla Model X Is Going On A Cross-Country Test Drive Tour

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Is it coming to your town?

The Tesla Model X was somewhat of a legend for a while. Everyone knew it was in the works, but not a single falcon-winged SUV had quietly rolled out of the Fremont, California, factory line until almost two years after the initial proposed release date. Now that Tesla has gotten Model Xs to owners' doors and satisfied the loyal customers who put down cash deposits years ago, it aims to whet the lips of customers who have only now put down a deposit. It's doing this by pulling an old trick out of a rock band's playbook: the cross-country tour.


From now until March 30th, Tesla will go on tour with the Model X to major US and Canadian cities like Boston, Scottsdale, Montreal, and more. Here, future Model X owners who have faithfully put down a deposit for their electric SUVs but haven't chosen any specs will get a chance to get to know their future cars by test driving them on a route predetermined by Tesla to "highlight the strengths of the vehicle." Afterwards, owners can meet with a product specialist to choose between the different Model X configurations and further gush about the car. Click here to see if you should prepare for a Model X invasion in your town soon.

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