The Tesla Model X Is Now Available As GTA V's Best Getaway Vehicle

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Because Ludicrous Mode and Autopilot are surprisingly useful when running away from the fuzz.

It's a bit of a surprise that nobody has thought to use a Tesla Model S or Model X as a getaway vehicle after committing some federally shunned debauchery. We once recommended it as one of the top 5 getaway vehicles for the modern criminal for a number of reasons. Elon Musk's innovative approach to adding special and somewhat unneeded features to a new vehicle tends to make for a wonderful getaway car, and apparently those who like to add modifications to Grand Theft Auto think so too.

That's because someone has finally added the Model X to GTA V gameplay. Unfortunately, we're assuming that the Model X's supreme getaway technologies will not be functional in the game.

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That means that Autopilot, a staple feature for the getaway driver that needs to split attention between shooting out police car tires and speeding to the safe house can do so while lessening the risk to their own lives. The Biohazard HEPA filter can help when tear gas is shot at the vehicle, and Ludicrous mode can help leave police cars in the distance while a bank vault's worth of goods is safely stored in the back. Just make sure to keep the battery juiced in real life because range can quickly dip into nothingness when riding the pedal hard.

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