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The Tesla Pickup Truck Will Look A Lot Like This

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But will an EV pickup truck really sell?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly confirmed his plans to build an EV pickup truck as well as an EV semi-truck. Musk knows that the pickup truck segment is highly profitable, so a truck does seem like the most logical next step after the Model 3. So far, all of the chatter surrounding the future Tesla truck is nothing but optimistic words. Tesla has not revealed any concepts of what the truck could look like, so we have been forced to rely on artist renderings to gauge how good this truck could be. Unfortunately, none have looked that great. Until now.

Artist Andrei Avarvarii has rendered what we think is a decent interpretation of what the Tesla pickup could look like. Most of the renderings we've seen so far have looked like a Model X or Model 3, just with a rear truck bed. This rendering adds a unique touch, resulting in the most production-ready sketch we've seen so far. Like pre-facelifted Tesla models, this truck features a grill design that has been updated with a new shape. The headlights are instantly recognizable as Model S lights and the turbine wheel design looks great in this application. The rear is where this rendering really shines, however.

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Most of the renderings so far have not focused on what the bed area of the truck would look like. This rendering has the word "Tesla" stamped into the bed just as Toyota does with the Tundra. We also love how the artist took the familiar Tesla taillights and made them look right at home on a pickup truck. When Tesla does finally reveal its truck, we hope it looks as good as this rendering.