The Texas Plumber Whose Ford F-250 Ended Up In Syria Is Now Suing The Dealership


Turns out terrorists are truck guys, too.

Exactly one year ago we reported about the story of plumber Mark Oberholtzer from Texas City, Texas. He's the owner of Mark-1 Plumbing and back in October 2013 he traded in one of his Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup trucks for a new one. As is typically the case, his old truck went to auction. Jump ahead to last December, Oberholtzer' secretary discovered a photo of the old truck that had gone viral; it was being used by an Islamic jihadist group in Syria.

The Ansar al-Din group tweeted a photo of the truck, writing "using plumbing truck against regime in #Aleppo." Only this time there weren't plumbing supplies in the bed, but a 50 caliber machine gun perfectly mounted.

And now Oberholtzer has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the dealership, AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway, for failing to remove his business's decal/info. In fact, Oberholtzer began to remove the decal himself but a dealer employee asked him to stop, claiming it would blemish the truck. He said the dealer had "something better for removal." Only that removal never happened. Oberholtzer claims he received harassing phone calls and death threats after the image went viral and it even appeared on the final episode of "The Colbert Report." The FBI and Department of Homeland Security also came to see Oberholtzer telling him to "protect himself" because "there are a lot of crazy people out there." Oberholtzer is now carrying a gun.

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