Toilet In The Back Of This Van Is Its Best Feature


Apparently buying old vans for dirt cheap and adding all sorts of weird features is a thing now. Spend something like $500 for a van that functions – meaning it drives – is not a bad investment. In fact it can be a shit ton of fun. Literally. Take this 1990 Nissan Axxess. That’s really how the name is spelled. Imported and sold in the US for a single model year, 1990, the Axxess was clearly not a success, but it did at least have a manual gearbox. The owner of this one kept begging Matt Farah to come take it for a test drive.

He did, and he soon found out it had a bonus feature: a working toilet installed in the trunk. It’s so disgustingly brilliant we’re almost kind of sort of envious. Something about never having to use truck stop bathrooms again sounds appealing. Then again, that smell. Hope the Axxess has good ventilation.

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