The Too Often Forgotten Toyota Celica

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The first-generation Toyota Celica may just be the most overlooked old-school JDM car.

When you think of Japanese sports cars, particularly classic JDMs, some of the first names that come to mind are the Nissan Skylines, 240Z and the Toyota AE86. But there was another Japanese sports car that's sadly been skipped over far too often: the first-generation Toyota Celica. Unveiled back in 1970 at the Tokyo Motor Show, the first fastbacks didn't appear until 1973. And it was in 1971when the Celica arrived stateside that a young Brian Karasawa first became passionate about the car.

At a time when Mustangs and Camaros ruled, Karasawa had a thing for the Celica and now, years later, he finished restoring one. Electric Federal just released this great video that shows one man's passion for a car he couldn't afford as a young man. But today Karasawa has the money to drive his dream.

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