The Top Gear Crew Just Got Stranded In Russia And Lost $700,000


Evidently Jeremy Clarkson isn't the only source of drama for Top Gear.

Top Gear is shaping up to be the gearhead version of Keeping Up With The Kardashians because the show is constantly marred in drama. Not only has the post-fracas Top Gear crew been criticized for making disrespectful tire marks near war memorials, but apparently Chris Evans isn't pulling his fair share of the work around the studio. And it seems that when he actually does go to work, trouble follows him and the rest of the crew.

According to London's Evening Standard News, the whole Top Gear crew got stranded at the Moscow airport. The BBC had sent the three presenters along with 40 crew members to Kazakhstan so they could shoot a segment for the newly revived show. Apparently, Kazakhstan wasn't too keen on letting the crew into the country because it cancelled the crew's flight that was to leave from Moscow. According to the BBC, this was no fault of the crew, and they will soon try again to film the footage they need. Unfortunately, the BBC also lost £500,000 ($719,250) in plane tickets, wages, and hotel stays in the process. We knew Top Gear was a show with a high production costs, but damn.

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