The Top Gear Test Track Is About To Become Affordable Housing


For young families...

Welcome to the first piece of unexpected news of this week. According to the BBC, the local council in Surrey, England has just approved plans to build 1,800 new homes at the current site of the Dunsfold Business Park, home to the Dunsfold Aerodrome. Top Gear fans know the Dunsfold Aerodrome as the site of the Top Gear test track. The business park itself employs more than 800 people with more than 100 businesses operating there, but it seems that affordable apartments for young couples has taken priority.

Even the Dunsfold Park chief executive, Jim McAllister, is on board with the plan, stating "The development of Dunsfold Aerodrome will provide homes for young families currently priced out of the area, direct development away from green fields, create new jobs and deliver a range of new community facilities and infrastructure improvements."

For the record, the redevelopment plan was approved by 10 council votes to eight. So what does this mean for the now Matt LeBlanc-led Top Gear? Good question. Nobody really knows yet. Considering it was the BBC who first reported this, we're fairly certain Top Gear producers are now aware of what's about to happen. Question is, where will Top Gear now test all of those cars? We'll keep you posted once we learn more.

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