The Totally Bogus Tartan Prancer In The New Vacation Movie Is The Shizzle

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They had us with the water fountain.

Clark Griswold has officially passed the torch to his son Rusty and his family. That's right, the new "Vacation" movie is hitting the big screen right now and because it's not 1983, a new family vehicle was needed. The beloved Wagon Queen Family Truckster has long been retired, but in its place is the 2015 Tartan Prancer. Regardless if the new movie is any good or not, we absolutely love this Toyota Previa-inspired "Honda of Albania." It's so bonkers it's awesome.

And now this mock commercial just went up online, spoken in Albanian of course, that shows off many of its unusual features. Apparently Albania's version of a martini-drinking James Bond always aspires to be a ninja.

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