The Toyota bZ4X Has A Problem Charging In The Cold

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This won't impress customers in chillier climates.

Back in November, Toyota unveiled the bZ4X, the company's first fully-electric car since the California-only RAV4 EV was discontinued back in 2014. With eclectic styling and an appealing price point, it should prove to be a sensible purchase - if you act before Toyota's tax credits run out, that is. But aside from the risk of the company's EV tax credit drying up, the electric newcomer now faces another issue.

It seems the bZ4X isn't a fan of charging in cold weather. Toyota themselves admits this, noting that DC charging times increase in temperatures below 50 degrees (Fahrenheit). For the pricier all-wheel drive derivative, charging is drastically reduced (compared to other models) below 32 degrees and, bizarrely, may not be possible at all at temperatures around -4 degrees and lower. This is rather interesting, considering one of the bZ4X's plus points is the ability to top its batteries up to 80% in around an hour.

2023 Toyota bZ4X Forward View Toyota
2023 Toyota bZ4X View Out Back Toyota
2023 Toyota bZ4X Front View Toyota
2023 Toyota bZ4X Rear View Toyota

For many, charging is already one of the downsides of EV ownership and DC charging should, at least, bring with it some convenience. Conditional use, weather permitting, isn't going to send customers flocking to Toyota dealerships in their droves. What's more, it's not like consumers have limited choice in the ever-growing EV crossover segment.

Kia's classy EV6 is equally competent and nearly matches the Toyota on travel range; it is EPA-rated at 232 miles (for the base model) but, importantly, can glean 217 miles of range in 18 minutes when plugged into a fast charger. The bZ4x FWD boasts 252 miles of range, while the AWD derivative can travel 228 miles between charges. The Japanese automaker does, at least, offer free charging for bZ4X owners.

2023 Toyota bZ4X Dashboard Toyota
2023 Toyota bZ4X Front Seats Toyota
2023 Toyota bZ4X Driving Back View Toyota
2023 Toyota bZ4X Central Control Panel Toyota
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In all fairness, several other positive attributes will attract customers to the Toyota, but this will, most likely, put many off the idea of owning a bZ4X. Hopefully, as technology develops in the coming years, the Japanese brand will be able to address this issue. It's not the only company facing problems around EV charging.

Ford's CEO Jim Farley recently admitted that the Blue Oval's charging infrastructure isn't as good as it should be, noting that improvements are sorely needed. Other automakers are exploring alternative avenues when it comes to battery charging; Volvo has recently rolled out an experiment whereby XC40 Recharge models, being used as taxis, will utilize wireless charging as an alternative to the otherwise mundane task.

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2023 Toyota bZ4X Central Control Panel
2023 Toyota bZ4X Driving Back View
2023 Toyota bZ4X Front Seats
2023 Toyota bZ4X Dashboard
2023 Toyota bZ4X Instrument Cluster

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