The Toyota Concept-i Is One Step Closer To Robots Taking Over

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Skynet is real.

Toyota has just revealed its concept car of the future at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Concept-i is just one way in which Toyota envisions a future of mobility that's combined with "advanced artificial intelligence." Designed by Toyota's CALTY Design Research in Newport Beach, California, the Concept-i, according to Toyota, is all about "kinetic warmth, a belief that mobility technology should be warm, welcoming, and above all, fun." They probably said the same thing about the fictional Skynet.

Basically, that advanced artificial intelligence system "anticipates people's needs, inspire their imaginations, and improve their lives." Toyota is also quick to point out that, despite all of the futuristic tech, the Concept-i is built around the driver.

It's clearly not a "driver's car," but what this concept does do is "leverage multiple technologies to measure emotion, mapped against where and when the driver travels around the world." Safety is also a key factor, with "visual and haptic stimuli to augment communication based on driver responsiveness." It's not a full-time autonomous vehicle because drivers, under certain conditions, "will have the choice of automated or manual driving." BMW did something to this regarding the driver having some or no control, with its Vision Next 100 Concept from last year.

Combined with a user interface AI system Toyota has nicknamed "Yui," the Concept-i's interior features sweeping lines and shapes that's supposed to remind passengers of a homier environment, as opposed to that of a typical vehicle. Toyota has already announced that on-road evaluation of the Concept-i will begin within the next few years in Japan, so don't think this is just some show-only tech. No, this is the future, at least for what Toyota has in mind.


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