The Toyota FCV Plus is A Space-Age Mobile Generator

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An all-in-one rolling power source running on clean fuel.

This is one of the most interesting looking concepts we got up close with at the Paris Motor Show. Looking like something from an anime movie, it certainly attracted attention. But it's looks are only partly to blame, it's the powerplant that's all the talk. The Toyota FCV Plus is a fuel cell vehicle, more eco-friendly than electric vehicles running on hydrogen. What makes this one special is that it's able to generate power. Besides being able to run on it's on-board hydrogen tank, it can be run off an external tank too.

Unlike the Toyota Mirai, the FCV Plus can be coupled to an external hydrogen supply, effectively turning it into a generator; a stable power source that you can use to power things at home or away, like on camping trips. For the latter you'd need to transport all your gear and friends separately: nothing's fitting in the FCV boot. When the car is parked, it can use the electrical energy stored on board to charge other electric vehicles or possibly link into local power grids to form part of the local infrastructure. Another amazing feature is that the fuel cell stack is removable and can be reused as a generator too. Let's not forget that you can also drive the car around, it is a form of transport after all.

The FCV's compact size and light weight build structure makes it a fuel efficient runner. All the drive components have been downsized as much as possible and are positioned towards the car's four corners.

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The compact fuel cell stack is found between the front wheels, while the hydrogen fuel tank is located behind the rear seats. In-wheel motors are in all four wheels freeing up space to give the FCV Plus the overall length of a compact car but with a cabin that is as long as a large saloon. An ingenious creation however you look at it.

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