The Toyota FJ Cruiser Takes One Final Road Trip

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It's time to say goodbye to a true off-road machine.

Toyota has done the math and the bottom line is that the FJ Cruiser is no longer a solid business case. Blame whatever you'd like: gas prices, crossovers, Obama – 2014 will be the final production year. And like any off-road enthusiast, we're sad to see it go. It's a one-of-a-kind tribute to what the SUV is really all about: true off-road capabilities with the rugged good looks to match. Its semi-retro styling made it that more unique.

Before the production line shuts down forever, Motor Trend's Arthur St. Antoine decided to give the FJ Cruiser a proper road trip send off. St. Antoine heads to the desert of the American Southwest, specifically to the Trinity Site. It was there in 1945 where America exploded the first atomic bomb.

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