The Toyota FT-86 is Leaked Again, Now in TRD Trim

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How many times can one new model be leaked before its debut? At this count, four.

This is probably the fourth time the new Toyota FT-86 aka Scion FR-S has been leaked before its debut. We have seen a Modellista version, a version from a Japanese brochure (with very similar photos to this particular one) and even one that releases information regarding its powertrain (a Subaru-sourced 2.0-liter 200hp flat-four). Well in this last leaked photo, we get to see the FT-86 in its Toyota Racing Development package.

Posted on, the TRD trim is basically a facelift of the stock model. It's aero kit features a new front spoiler, side sills and rear underside spoiler along with rear spoiler. It also has a 'high response' quad exhaust, upgraded Brembo brakes, a fully adjustable suspension and a strut tower brace. The TRD package sits on a set of 18-inch wheels. Check out the latest leaked pic of the Toyota FT-86 and glance over the spec sheet also leaked on the next page.

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