The Toyota GR Corolla Will Be More Exclusive Than We Thought

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Toyota wants to meet demand without diluting the hot hatch's exclusivity.

The Toyota GR Corolla is a long-awaited follow-up to the GR Yaris that will be available to the US market. For fans of the Japanese manufacturer, this is a landmark reveal as it finally allows the TNGA-C-based hatch the juice to challenge the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R. Of course, with a car that is destined to be in demand like this, concerns relating to supply are being raised.

Toyota has been subject to a series of production delays due to supply chain issues and Covid-19 outbreaks. This has affected global stock of models such as the Yaris as well as the Land Cruiser 300, and even the four-pot GR Supra. When it comes to the GR Corolla though, the company assures that producing enough units to meet demand will not be an issue.

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According to information revealed in an interview with Road & Track, Toyota Vice President of Marketing Mike Tripp reveals that its production line at the Motomachi plant is equipped to produce enough units for its dedicated customers. He says, "I wouldn't say the limiting factor on these vehicles is our ability to produce them. It's being very careful to make sure that we maintain the niche credibility."

While meeting demand is important, Toyota also wants to ensure that the GR Corolla ownership experience is exclusive, thus it will not be producing cars in surplus of its demand. As Tripp puts it, "one too few" models is the perfect amount to aim for.

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Toyota is reluctant to have any unsold GR Corollas sitting on the floor as that may create the illusion that the car is not desirable. This is the same concern that several manufacturers have, prompting them to adjust to a strategy that will see them focus on producing fewer cars. There's no doubt that with this decision, markups could become even more of a hassle for consumers.

With the GR Corolla, Tripp reveals that within the first year, 8,000 units will be sold off. This will taper down to 6,000 units next year. Toyota hopes to release a good few special editions and range updates to keep the car continually relevant. The first is the inaugural Circuit Edition, which we can expect to enter showrooms by next year.

We reached out to a Toyota spokesperson who confirmed that "there will be 1,500 Circuit grade units and more than 5,000 Core grade units."

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Source Credits: Road & Track

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