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The Toyota GT86 Rally Car Has Arrived

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250-hp CS-R3 will debut in Germany next month.

Toyota is making a return to rallying, and this – the GT86 CS-R3 prototype – is the car that will announce the Japanese automaker's arrival at the Rallye Deutschland, Round 9 of the 2014 World Rally Championship. Toyota Motorsport has been developing the car over the past year, and it will debut by acting as the official "pathfinder," driving through the stages as a safety test ahead of the field.

Double women's world rally champion Isolde Hodleried will pilot the rally-prepped GT86, which comes with 250 hp thanks to cam and compression ratio changes made to the 2.0-liter boxer unit. Other unique touches include a sequential six-speed, limited slip differential, lightweight safety cage, MacPherson front and double wishbone rear suspension, a HJS racing exhaust, and OZ alloys (17 inch units for tarmac, 15 inch for gravel). The GT86 CS-R3 will be available in kit from early next year, with prices to be announced prior to launch.

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