The Toyota Hilux Again Fails The Moose Test In Spectacular Fashion

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The most indestructible truck in the world might have a big rollover risk.

Top Gear may have proved that the Toyota Hilux was the most indestructible truck in the world, but it turns out that this characterization may have been wrong. Even though Top Gear was unable to kill a Hilux with fire, an ocean, and dropping it off a building, it didn't try avoiding a moose with the truck. You may have heard of the moose test, where a vehicle is used to perform a sudden evasive maneuver to simulate avoiding an animal in the road. The Jeep Grand Cherokee recently failed this test, and now the Toyota Hilux has failed as well.

The Hilux was tested at just 37 mph, and its competitors had no problems at much higher speeds. The model that was tested had 18-inch wheels, and testing a model with 17-inch wheels (which had slightly less grip) improved the issue slightly.

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After the test, Toyota issued the following statement: "We are confident that the Toyota Hilux is a safe vehicle. As we understand, you have performed an evasive maneuver test according to your magazine testing protocols on several pickups, including the Toyota Hilux. You have informed us that the Toyota Hilux is not living up to your expectations. We were surprised by the test result, and we will take your evaluation very seriously." Teknikens Varld, the Swedish publication that performed the test, believe that the Hilux has serious problems with its dynamic safety system and might need improvements in the form of a rollover system.

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