The Trump Series Golden Edition Cadillac Limousine Was The Donald's Decadent Office On Wheels

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TV, VCR, and fax machine all included.

Back in the 1980s when Donald Trump was almost but not quite the obnoxious real estate billionaire mogul and now presidential candidate we all know and love, he decided he needed a proper limousine. But it couldn't be just any limo. It needed to have the 'Donald Trump' seal of approval. You know, like his brand of crappy steaks and equally crappy vodka. Meet the Cadillac Brougham Limousine "Trump" Edition by Dillinger-Gaines.

Trump wanted a limo that would show the world just how important he was no matter where he went. Sounds about right. So he reached out to both Cadillac and Dillinger-Gaines Coachbuilders with the request to, essentially, build him a modern office on wheels. This was 1988 and gadgets like cell phones in cars was pretty wild, but what the Donald wants the Donald gets. Other features include doors trimmed in leather and gold, pop-up rosewood writing desks designed to handle the weight of an early laptop/cinder block, TV and VCR, and a fax machine that fits in a drawer beneath the rear-facing seats. Of course there's privacy glass and rosewood dividers that block the chauffer's ability to hear what's going on in the back.

Oh, and there's also a paper shredder. Trump, being Trump, recognized the potential value of marketing and selling such a premium, state-of-the-art office on wheels. In his book, The Art of The Deal, he wrote that "A decision has been made to go into production on two Cadillac-body limousines using my name. The Trump Golden Series will be the most opulent stretch limousine ever made. The Trump Executive Series will be a slightly less lavish version of the same car." Trump reportedly requested 50 examples to be built, but Cadillac, which also hoped to use Trump's name for promotional purposes, didn't build anywhere near the number. The deal never fully materialized.

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But a few were built for around $80,000 a pop, and this example, with only 42,000 miles, somehow ended up in the UK. If Trump becomes President-Elect this November, chances are this 1988 Cadillac limo, gold trim and VCR and all, will go up in value. Hey, perhaps the car business could've yielded higher profits than Trump's many real estate ventures. The guy has filed his businesses for bankruptcy four times since 1991.

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