The Two Fastest Front-Wheel Drive Cars On Earth Battle For Supremacy


Because what else would you do with two high-powered machines and a race track?

As our announcer so kindly points out, the title of the two fastest front-wheel drive cars goes to the Honda Civic Type R and the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S. Both the Japanese and German hot hatches push exactly 306 horsepower out of the front wheels, more than enough to cement a permanent smile on their owner's faces. It's a given that both track-optimized cars can run a lap faster than most rear-wheel drive competitors care to acknowledge, but what happens when the two are paired up for a good old fashioned drag race?

Just like the olden days, neither of these cars has launch control and both have manual gearboxes, so let's assume Stig and his twin are at the wheel to make it so that the limiting factor here is the car. Place your bets.

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