The Ugliest Concept Of The Year Has Already Been Revealed

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And it's still only January.

You probably weren't aware that the Qatar Motor Show is currently taking place. And if it wasn't for this monstrosity, you probably never would have been. Arab GT informed us that the just-unveiled "Elibriea" is Qatar's first home-grown sports car; a two-door coupe powered by a GM-sourced 525-horsepower V6 utilizing a carbon-fiber monocoque and body to help it achieve a curb weight of just 1,000 kg.

27-year-old Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, a former student a Texas A&M University in Doha is responsible for the design, which looks like the ugly unwanted lovechild of a Transformer and a Lamborghini.


It has the unique distinction of being hideous from almost every angle, yet the designer is already working on a hypercar called the Equvallas that supposedly generates 800 hp. Thankfully, Ziaullah plans to use feedback ("make it look better in every way") from the Elibriea in creating his next vaporware special.


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