The UK is Going Nuts Over the BMW i8

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If you want one, you'll now have to wait up to 10 months.

If BMW was worried that its new i8 wasn't going to sell well, it's now fair to say those fears can be put to rest – in the UK at least. According to a new report coming from the UK's Telegraph, the BMW i8 has sold out just two weeks after deliveries began. Anyone in the UK now wanting to buy one will have to wait up to 10 months. The BMW dealer with the most i8 sales is on Park Lane in London's Mayfair. It's so far taken 170 orders. In fact, according to the dealer's sales manager, they have "had numerous people asking to buy the display car.

Many have said to me: name your price." This dealer has also been taking deposits on the i8 since 2012, which was even before BMW officially announced the car would make production. Some buyers just want to add the i8 to their collections, while others want a high-performance sports car that's exempt from London's congestion charge. When it goes into battery-only mode, the i8 has a range of 23 miles. That alone is convincing enough for wealthy buyers who could obviously afford to pay the congestion charge, but simply don't want to.

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