The UK's Least-Reliable Used Car Brand Is One Of Its Own


Well this is embarrassing...

Bentley has come in dead last in a survey conducted by What Car? to find the UK's most reliable used car brand. The luxury car company placed 37 out of 37 and was joined at the bottom by other luxury brands such as Porsche (36th), Audi (34th), Mercedes-Benz (32nd) and Jaguar (30th). Honda took the top spot, with American companies making a surprising push into the top 10. Chevrolet tied for fourth with Mazda and Ford coming in at sixth.

The survey analyzed 50,000 policies issued by Warranty Direct on cars three to eight years old. The least reliable car on the list was the Audi RS6, which averaged a whopping $1,500 per repair shop visit. The Honda Jazz (Fit in the US) and Mitsubishi Lancer had the cheapest average repair bill. It has to be embarrassing for Bentley to have such a bad reliability rap at home. That being said, if you spend a quarter of a million on a car do you really care about its repair bills?

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