The UK's Voracious Appetite For The Focus RS Could Spawn A New Variant


Britain sure does love its sporty Fords, it seems.

For years now, fast Fords have been incredibly popular in the UK. From the peppy little Escort RS1600 in 1970 to the modern day Mustang, the Brits have seemingly had a love affair with sporty Ford models for a considerable amount of time. As a result, it's probably no surprise to learn that the current Ford Focus RS has gone down a treat in the UK - with Car Keys reporting that Ford may actually increase the allocated production run for the country.

Though Ford UK hasn't explicitly confirmed this, it is rather likely that more Focus RS models will be heading to British shores. Car Keys mainly puts this theory down to the fact Ford is still taking orders for the mighty hot hatchback, even though the 4,000 units allocated to the country have allegedly all been snapped up. Furthermore, it's even been suggested that as many as an extra 1,000 Focus RSs will be added to the allotted production run currently confirmed for the UK. Increasing the allotment of a limited-run car by another 25% seems quite extraordinary, but this wouldn't be the first time we've seen Ford increase the production run of a highly sought after performance car.

Unlike the Ford GT, though, it's being suggested by CarKeysUK that these extra 1,000 Focus RS models won't actually be added onto the global production run. Instead, these additional vehicles will allegedly instead be cherry picked from markets where the Focus RS hasn't sold particularly well. That, we concede, is something we can't see Ford doing unless it genuinely is struggling to shift RS examples in other territories. Either way, though, this demand for the flagship fast Focus should hopefully mean the rumored Focus RS500 will actually see the light of day. If the Brits can't get enough of the current car, just imagine how quickly an even racier version will fly out of showrooms.


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