The UK Will Soon Be A Paradise For Electric Vehicle Drivers

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Filled with charging ports galore.

Having announced a ban on all gas and diesel engines by 2040 in an effort to reduce pollution and clean up the air, the UK government has just announced the Department For Transport's next step in the 'Road to Zero' plan. The new plan sets a goal to make at least 50% and as much as 70% of all new cars sold in the UK ultra-low emission vehicles. The Road To Zero plan also includes $531 million of funding for infrastructure improvements.

The 400 million pound investment will be given to companies to install charge ports around the country. As part of the plan, all new homes built in the UK may be required to have a built-in charge point for electric vehicles. Charge points will also be installed in street lights, so cars parked on the street will be able to charge up. The plan also includes a 40 million pound program to test wireless charging. Finally, the government will ensure that charging points are available at freeway service stations and large gas stations. All of these initiatives should add up to make the electric car ownership experience easier for the public.


Owning an electric vehicle is currently a hassle, due to short range and an insufficient amount of charging locations. The UK already has 150,000 EVs on its roads today, but it has a long way to go before everyone is driving an electric car.


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