The Ultimate Luxury Ride for Stoners is Upon Us

Pedro: Hey, How am I driving, man? Man Stoner: [looks around], I think we're parked. -Cheech and Chong, "Up in Smoke"

If Shaggy were to upgrade the Mystery Van he would look no further than this. The Infiniti QX56 "Yellow Submarine" features an interior that feels like a trip you can't come down from. But that's probably the point. Most of us weren't around in the late 60s, but those that were will probably love this version. We are guessing the sound system is just as funky as the interior and "Yellow Submarine" would sound great while throwing back a brownie or two. Keep in mind that fuel efficiency is awful on this car. On the flip side, there will be ample opportunity for munchie runs at the pump.

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