The Ultimate Porsche Enthusiast's Private Collection Is Coming To LA

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Magnus Walker and Porsche are inseparable.

Magnus Walker is one of the most passionate Porsche collectors we've ever come across. Born in England before moving to the United States, his early career as a fashion designer has been somewhat overshadowed by his lifelong Porsche obsession. It's this obsession that led to the documentary Urban Outlaw and Walker's appearance on Jay Leno's Garage. But it's not Leno's garage that we're interested in today - it's Walker's own garage filled with many tastefully modified Porsche classics. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Urban Outlaw, ten of these Porsches will be on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

Magnus Walker/Facebook MagnusWalker/Instagram MagnusWalker/Instagram

All of the Porsches on display have a unique story to share. For instance, there's Walker's Porsche "277" with its instantly recognizable red, white, and blue paint. Based on a 1971 911T, Walker's distinctive mods have made it his signature car that travels with him to auto shows and also to the track. Although it was damaged a couple of years ago, the 277 looks fresh today and ready to be one of the stars when it appears at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Also on display from Walker's collection will be his 1995 993. This is the only car that Walker owns with a wrap and vinyl graphic application. Like the 277, it has its own distinctive coloring with a mainly blue body and angular sections in white, black, and yellow. On Instagram, Walker describes this 993 as "the Cadillac of 911s."

MagnusWalker/Instagram Magnus Walker/Facebook

Other Porsches on display include the 1978 SCHR which started out life as a 911 SC. Walker says that this is one of the perfect examples of an older 911 that can be upgraded relatively cheaply and is an excellent choice for first-time Porsche owners. A former track car, Walker completed this build in a mere six weeks. Among Walker's changes here were better-fitting bumpers finished in red, the rear ducktail spoiler, and a lower suspension. Some parts were found cheaply online, but it's the way Walker puts everything together in an original way that once again sets apart this build.

A 1990 964 and a quaint 1966 911 finished in Irish Green are two of the other remarkable 911s that will form part of the exhibition. The 1966 model is the 911 at its simplistic best with its steel wheels and old-school wooden dash inlays.

Magnus Walker/Facebook Magnus Walker/Facebook

The award-winning Urban Outlaw documentary that inspired this 10th-anniversary celebration chronicles Walker's life from Sheffield, England to Los Angeles. More than this, it is a fascinating look into his close connection to the Porsche brand. If you haven't seen the documentary, we've added a link below.

If you want to visit Magnus Walker's Outlaw Gathering on October 15, it has sadly been sold out, but you can add yourself to a waiting list. The good news is that the Urban Outlaw exhibition runs all the way from October 15, 2022, to January 31, 2023.

Magnus Walker/Facebook MagnusWalker/Instagram

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