The Ultimate Rolls-Royce Pickup

This would represent the ultimate vehicle for morons with millions.

Inspiration for this peculiar design study came from the Rolls-Royce Phantom B12 hearse created by Biemme Special Cars. However where the 500,000-Euro, 23-foot-long Phantom with its 6.75-liter V12 engine is the real deal, this Rolls-Royce will almost certainly never see the light of day. A Rolls-Royce luxury SUV is not beyond the realm of possibility, but a high-end luxury 'ute is not something we could stomach, especially after throwing down a few ham and cheese sandwiches.

If we were to humor the idea, then the engine would have to be the 9.0-liter V16 Ultimate Tow Package and 23-inch diamond alloys would come as standard. And for anyone dumb enough to want one, we would hope for the British marque to price it around the million-dollar mark.

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