The Ultimate Transformer: From Lamborghini To Batmobile


Custom car builder Caresto wanted to enter this year's Gumball 3000 with something special. This is the result.

Special project are always cool, wellif they're executed properly of course. We've had a look at this"car" before in a video, but this time we can see somebehind-the-scenes images of the build process and the design of the one-offcreation. As far as custom cars go, the Batmobile is quite a popular one thanksto a few different incarnations of the car, but this is the best one seen todate. Being powered by a 560 hp Lamborghini V10 engine is just the icing on thecake. This Batmobile is functional - and fast!

Taking inspiration from the Batmobilein the Arkham Knight game meant a project of epic proportions, just like thatof the body that has a wheel base that measures in at 11.1 ft and a width of8.2 ft. Just like the PC game version, this Batmobile started life as CADdrawing on a computer. From the technical drawings full scale models were builtand these were used as molds so that the bodywork could be made from carbonfiber, which is draped over a rigid tubular frame. Front and rear suspension isfully independent with coilovers connected to a specially designed aluminumpushrod setup. The massive 26-inch wheels hide the 8-pot Brembos up front and6-pots at the rear.

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Inside the Batmobile there’s a combinationof soft black leather and also see through fabric that’s held together with goldenstitching. There are lights in seats, floor and pedals to make things morerealistic and the cockpit lid is electrically operated making entry and exiteasier. With the car being used for the Gumball, some comfort needed to beadded in and so the Batmobile features climate control, power steering and abanging audio system. This company clearly knows what it's doing when it builds special cars, the quality and work gone into the build is amazing. Wonder if this one is any better at picking up the ladies?