The Ultra Reliable Chevy Bolt Requires Almost No Maintenance

Electric Car

Now do you want to buy an electric car?

Reasons for purchasing an electric car include saving money on purchasing fuel, tons of torque, and riding in complete silence. Another huge advantage of EV ownership is just how simple they are to maintain. Since EVs don't have complicated internal combustion engines, they have far fewer moving parts. Tesla, for example, can replace a whole motor easily if need be. The Chevy Bolt is GM's answer to the Tesla Model 3, and represents an affordable taste of how easy EV maintenance can be.

According to the Bolt's maintenance schedule, the car does not require any major service for the first 150,000 miles. Tires will require rotation every 7,500 miles and replacing the cabin air filter every 22,500 miles, but that is pretty much it for common maintenance items. Other than these simple chores, the only other recommended service in the schedule is a vehicle coolant flush every 150,000 miles. Come on Chevy, you expect owners to have to flush coolant every 150,000 miles? You monsters! We kid of course, this basically means you will almost never have to step foot into a dealership while you own a Bolt.

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Chevy also recommends changing the brake fluid after five years, but lessees won't even have to worry about that. We really can't think of any gas engine car that would require so few maintenance items. If you love to drive a car that's problem and hassle free, the Bolt sounds like a good choice.