The Upcoming Alpine Is Shaping Up To Be Absolutely Stunning

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We spied the latest test mule and it looks spectacular.

As the old saying goes, the best things come to those who wait, so hopefully that means the upcoming Alpine sports car should be a rather ace performance machine. It's been a good while in the making, with some ups and downs in its development journey, but we'll soon have a brand new drivers' car to muck around with - and these latest spy shots suggest it'll also be one helluva looker.

Granted, a lot of the details we can make out from the camoflaged development mule in these pictures snapped by our spy photographer have been seen before via the achingly gorgeous Alpine Vision Concept. Everything from the light roofline and bumpers to the light clusters and contours in the door panels have been seemingly been carried over into the production-ready Alpine. In fact, judging by this test mule, the only design study parts that won't be available on the customer-ready car will be the wing mirrors. Of course, it helped that the Alpine Vision wasn't some outlandish design study like the A110-50, but seeing so much of the Vision concept manifest itself in the road-legal Alpine is very reassuring.

Especially as it also could be a prime indicator that additional aspects of the Alpine Vision will also be present in the production car. Namely, the turbocharged four-cylinder engine and emphasis on lightweight purity - with the latter, according to our sources, culminating in a kerb weight in the 2,400-lbs ballpark. Alas, as we're only just spotting these development cars now, it's highly unlikely that we'll see the production-ready Alpine at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, with rumor has it that we'll have to wait another seven months until the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Do remember what we said about that patience idiom from earlier in this article, though.

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