The Urban Outlaw Will Forever Be a 911 Man

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One of world's most obsessed Porsche 911 fanatics gets behind the wheel of today's latest model.

We're all familiar with Magnus Walker by now, the Porsche fanatic who's had a decades-long devotion to the 911. Heck, even a documentary was made about his passion. But today he joins with Motor Trend's Justin Bell for a trip down memory lane as the two compare a 1971 911 with today's 911 Carrera 4S. As the saying goes: "The more things change the more they stay the same", couldn't be true in the case of the 911. Yes, it's evolved into luxury high-performance sports car of sorts, but so many other aspects haven't changed.

Bell and Walker take each of these 911s that are separated by 42 years for test drives and while there are differences, the soul of the butt-engined sports car hasn't gone anywhere.

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