The Urus Will Be Unlike All Other Lamborghinis And Not Because It's An SUV

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And that includes the Rambo Lambo.

Originally predicted to launch in 2017, the production-spec Lamborghini Urus is now scheduled to be unveiled in 2018, some six years after the concept was first shown in 2012 at Beijing. We've been told the wait will be well worth it. But what we're hearing now, thanks to the guys at Auto Express, is that Lamborghini's second SUV is going to be unlike any other Lamborghini ever. Why's that? Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has more or less confirmed that the new SUV will be a plug-in hybrid.

"The SUV has a big advantage if you want to do a plug-in hybrid, because with the packaging it is much easier with the power-to-weight ratio. A car like this does not suffer the additional space and weight of the batteries…if I had to say which is the first car that will have some form of electrification, I would immediately blindfolded say SUV." Design wise, Winkelmann added that the production version will differ somewhat from the concept, but it'll still be instantly recognizable as a Lambo. But a plug-in hybrid Lamborghini? Could that tech make its way to future supercars? Anything's possible nowadays.

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