The US Will Lose All Non-SUV Fords, Will Europe Suffer The Same Fate?

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Or will models like the Mondeo live on?

This week, Ford shocked the world by announcing it will kill off all of its car models by 2022, except for the Mustang, and Focus Active. With SUVs now outselling their sedan counterparts in most categories, it was only a matter of time before a car company decided to focus solely on crossovers and trucks. Ford's car models such as the Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion never sold as well as established models from Honda and Toyota, so the move does seem fairly smart. The question is, where does this leave Ford in the rest of the world?

Europeans do like their SUVs, but the madness hasn't reached the same level as it has in the states. Auto Express wondered about the future of European models such as the Mondeo (Fusion), and reached out to Ford for a statement. "The Mondeo remains a core part of our product line-up in Europe. We have upgrades coming for Mondeo later this year which will see new powertrains as well as exterior and interior updates, plus enhancements to the Mondeo Hybrid range. As a whole, this segment is slowing as consumers move towards CUVs and SUVs, but Mondeo continues to deliver on its promise of great driving dynamics, leading technologies and competitive pricing for businesses and families alike" said a Ford spokesperson.

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Basically, models such as the Mondeo will still be useful for the next few years, but development for next generation models seems unlikely. This leaves us a bit sad, mourning the eventual loss of models like the Focus ST and Focus RS. Fast SUV models like the Edge ST are some consolation, but they don't fill the void left by the fact hatchbacks will soon be eliminated.