The V6 Ferrari Of Your Worst Nightmares Is Coming


We knew this day would come, but we really don't want it to.

The Dino name was used in the late 1960s and 1970s by Ferrari to designate cheaper cars built by the prancing horse that weren't quite Ferraris. It allowed the Italian automaker to snatch cash out of the fists of those who wanted a sports car but didn't have the means to join the Ferrari club. There has been some talk about Dino's revival for some time now, but it took until recently for two separate Ferrari heads to confirm it.

First was loudmouth FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne back in June of 2015, and now it's Ferrari Far East Regional CEO Dieter Knechtel who filled in the gaps to Marchionne's vague remarks. According to Knechtel, Dino will not only make an appearance back in the Ferrari lineup, but it will not be a cheap Ferrari because to stoop lower than the California T would be an Italian atrocity on the same level as the city of Pompeii's destruction. Instead, the Dino will be a grand touring Ferrari that will slot between the California T and the 488 GTB, so it will be no F12 Berlinetta competitor. Given McLaren's bloated lineup, this is a smart move. The Dino should be a mid-engine compact coupe, produce over 500 horsepower, and start around $230,000.

Now for the bad news, it may be the first Ferrari to feature a twin-turbo V6, much like those used in some Ferrari F1 race cars. No one has confirmed this as the new Ferrari's official power plant, but given that FCA is splitting with Ferrari, it will no longer have some of FCA's fuel sippers to lower the company's average fuel economy. Marchionne has said that studies looking into V6 applications in Ferraris have been promising, although our purist mindset makes us think otherwise. It wouldn't be beyond Ferrari to grab the V6 that it builds for Maserati and put it into its newer cars to meet more stringent emissions standards. Only time will tell, although just how much time remains unclear.

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