The Venturi Is The Coolest French Sports Car You've Never Heard Of


A Lotus Esprit and Ferrari 348 competitor? Indeed it was.

Back in the 1980s, two Frenchmen realized there were no longer any French-built two-seat sports cars on the market. Bugatti had yet to be revitalized and Renault had since taken over Alpine, which soon switched from sports cars to grand tourers. Why should the Germans and Brits have all of the sports car fun with Porsche and Lotus, respectively? So the decision was made to start MVS, a French acronym that translates to "sports car maker." One of those sports cars was the Venturi 260 APC, and it’s the subject of this latest Petrolicious video.

Owned by Gordon Fusi, he restored it together with his father, who got him into cars from a young age. From the moment we saw the 260 APC we liked it for its looks (classic 90s sports car styling at its finest) and its engine noise.

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A 2.8-liter PRV turbocharged V6 with 261 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque is the engine you’re hearing, paired to a five-speed manual. Performance is also quite impressive, with a claimed 0-62 mph time of 5.3 seconds and top speed of 168 mph. In fact, it was said at the time the 260 APC delivered better handling and real-world performance than the Lotus Esprit SE, and was a direct competitor to the Ferrari 348 as well. So what’s happening with MVS today? Well, the company is now called Venturi and it specializes in luxury EVs. That’s nice and all, but based on this video, the early 90s was its heyday.