The Very Appropriately Named Mini Electric Concept Has Arrived

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A clear preview of the upcoming 2019 production version.

Electric fever has struck Mini, hence its new Mini Electric Concept. Slated for an official live debut at Frankfurt next month, this concept is a preview of what's to come for the brand in likely just a few years' time. This isn't the first time Mini has dabbled in the EV field; the Mini E, revealed in 2008, was limited to 600 examples but the project also served as a study whose lessons are now being realized – the BMW i3 exists today because of the Mini E. The new concept's design is unmistakably Mini.

Described as "compact and agile," additional factors, mainly aerodynamics and lightweight design, were also essential. Note the concept's surface styling and "striking accents and vivid contrasts" that provide more of a design twist. The front end is adorned with a hexagonal radiator grille and the familiar round headlights. In fact, because the concept requires so little cooling, the radiator grille is closed to further improve aero. The front apron's simulated air intakes are also shut. Painted in contrasting silver and yellow, there's also that large E badge to help distinguish the concept from typical engined versions. Those dark 19-inch wheels go well with the overall color scheme.

Interestingly, the recessed louvred surfaces in the fake air intakes were 3D printed. Oddly, Mini hasn't divulged any power details, other than the fact that, yes, it's all-electric and zero-emissions. But what Mini has stated very clearly is that a production-spec version is due to arrive in 2019. The Mini Electric Concept, at least to our eyes, looks roughly 90 percent production ready. More details to come in two weeks' time.

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