The Viper's Death Isn't Good News For The VLF Force 1

VL Automotive

Or is there hope?

Revealed exactly a year ago at Detroit, the VLF Force 1 is a beautifully re-skinned Dodge Viper styled by the one and only Henrik Fisker. Same V10 engine. Same overall underpinnings, only with Mr. Fisker’s unique touch inside and out. Question now is: does the Force 1 have a future considering the Viper is on its way out? We inquired about this at Detroit and VLF's company representative John Costin told us that its "working on this (issue) right now. Nothing has been finalized at the moment."

Although it wasn’t directly stated that the Force 1’s time is also limited, we’re not quite sure how it can continue on without its Viper base. For example, the Viper’s Conner Avenue assembly facility in Michigan will most likely be closed, leading to, obviously, a problem for VLF. Could VLF potentially buy any leftover Viper components and handle production on its own? For that we couldn’t get a direct answer but taking on such a big task, like car production, isn’t something we think VLF intends to do. Remember, VLF’s current lineup, the Destino V8 and 725-hp Rocket, are not built from scratch; they’re based off the old Fisker Karma and Ford Mustang, respectively.

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But without a full-on, industrial scale production plant, like that of Conner Avenue, being available to build the donor car itself, the Force 1 may become a victim of the Viper’s unfortunate demise. We’ll keep you updated with any further developments.