The Volkswagen Arteon Looks Stunning As A Station Wagon


We wouldn't complain if an Arteon station wagon looked like this.

Volkswagen has come under fire lately, to put it mildly, over Dieselgate, but the reveal of the stunning Arteon sedan at this year's Geneva Motor Show almost made us forgive the manufacturer for its crimes. Almost. Its stunning shape had us swooning, making it one of the surprise stars of Geneva which is no mean feat considering it was one of the most eventful shows in years. With its stunning looks and 276-horsepower on tap, Volkswagen is surely onto a winner.

X-Tomi Design

If the Arteon proves to be a success, there's a strong chance that we'll be seeing more variants of the Arteon later down the line, and possibly new body styles. Potentially, this could include a station wagon, though the Arteon's closest rivals, the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe and Audi A5 Sportback, haven't spawned any station wagon variants yet. Nevertheless, X-Tomi Design has designed a render to show us how a Volkswagen Arteon could be adapted into a wagon. Surprisingly, the Arteon's alluring looks haven't been compromised at all, despite its sloping roofline being stretched. We're already sold.


The design elements of the Arteon all blend perfectly, while a customary rear spoiler and a set of roof racks add some finishing touches to distinguish it from its sedan sibling. If the design can look as good as this, we certainly wouldn't complain if Volkswagen decide to add a station wagon to the Arteon family.

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