The Volkswagen ID.4 Is As Fuel-Efficient As We Hoped

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Good job, VW.

EPA ratings are an important part of a manufacturer's marketing spiel, and bad ones can have a negative impact on a company's potential sales. However, they're not always accurate, as Taycan owners likely know. Nevertheless, we need to have them so that we have a rough idea of whether a car has great range or not, and this is especially true of electric vehicles. When a manufacturer gets its economy estimates right, things look good for the brand, and Volkswagen's estimates for the ID.4 have now been confirmed by the EPA for both the limited 1ST and Pro S variants.

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Fitted with an 82-kWh battery, Volkswagen claims that the ID.4 will manage 250 miles of range on a single charge, and the EPA has just confirmed that this is indeed the case. According to the ratings agency, the ID.4 will return energy consumption figures of around 97 MPGe on the combined cycle, impressive figures for a crossover. In the city, the EPA says that the EPA will manage 104 MPGe while highway figures are reported as 89 MPGe. Considering that buying the car is already very affordable, it's good to know that owning it and spending on juice won't make a big dent in your wallet either.

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Add the ID.4's excellent economy ratings to an already exciting package that Tanner Foust has shown us can be a lot of fun to drive and the electric crossover should perform well and be highly popular both here and abroad. And let's not forget the main reason that Volkswagen has been working so hard on electric vehicles: to help make us forget about its former deception in the whole Dieselgate scandal. With the EPA confirming that Volkswagen's estimates are accurate, we feel that public faith in the company should be restored. It's been a long process, but VW has made good on its promises. Good on you, Volkswagen.

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