The Volkswagen Jetta is a German Car Made in Mexico


It was originally just a Golf with a trunk.

The Volkswagen Jetta. A car you see on the road just about every day. It started off simply as a Golf with a trunk to make it more appealing for some markets. Today, however, the Jetta has come into its own and has an extremely loyal following. It's always had nice enough styling, giving us plenty of Germanic simplicity and sophistication. But for all of its devoted fans, there are plenty of people who hate it. Just can't stand it.

We've always been fairly impartial towards the Jetta, but the guys at Regular Car Reviews actually claim the car is their enemy. They get behind the wheel of the 1998 Wolfsburg Edition (made in Mexico) and explain their reasons for such hatred. Anyone else despise a car at this level (besides the Prius and Leaf)?

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