The Volvo Concept Coupe Would be a Great Tesla Rival

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And Volvo would love to make it happen, but...

Exactly a year ago Volvo revealed its gorgeous Concept Coupe, described then as the "next-generation P1800." It wasn't totally retro in design, but it also couldn't be mistaken for really anything other than a Volvo. Sleek, sexy, and very Swedish-looking, the Concept Coupe is a very clear preview for the look of Volvo's future lineup. Still, many were anxious to see the concept itself make production, and even a few Volvo executives weren't completely against the idea.

Lex Kerssemakers, Volvo's product strategy chief, even envisioned it as a possible Tesla Model S rival. That's right: a pure Volvo EV. The idea sounds great, but there's a problem: Volvo needs to replace its mainstream models first in order to reach its goal of 800,000 annual sales by 2020. A niche model, such as a premium EV coupe, would be a distraction and a likely financial drain. So what is Kerssemakers main priority model right now? A small crossover. Following that will be an S80 replacement, likely to be called the S90, then a new V90 wagon. An all-electric production Concept Coupe will just have to wait, but it's apparently something Volvo dreams of doing one day.

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