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The Volvo Polestar 1 May Not Be As Rare As We Originally Thought

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Why is the Swedish automaker thinking about building more cars?

We were blown away when Volvo first announced its 600 hp hybrid sports coupe, the Polestar 1. We were even more surprised to learn that the car wouldn't be sold through traditional means, but would instead be sold in a subscription model. The Polestar 1 isn't just technologically advanced and very expensive, it's rare too. Volvo had originally only planned to build 500 units per year, but Automotive News Europe reports that the Swedish automaker may have to reconsider those small production numbers.

Since the car was announced, Volvo already has 5,000 customers that are interested in purchasing the car. At only 500 units per year, it would take far too long to satisfy this demand. Volvo's 500 unit per year plan was only meant to last for three years, so there would clearly be a lot of people still clamoring to buy one by the end of the production run. "We are looking at whether we could do a higher volume than 500 units a year. We are checking that out," Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said in a roundtable discussion. "I think there is potential to go to two shifts" he added. Polestar does have some time to mull this decision over before making any announcements.

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The Chengdu plant that will build the Polestar 1 won't be finished until mid-2018 and the car won't start rolling off of the assembly line until mid-2019. The biggest reason for the long wait is the car's carbon fiber body. This is Volvo's first time building a car with a carbon fiber body, and it will take time to master the process. Pre-orders for the car should start this spring, and we should see a production version of the car at the Geneva Motor Show in March.