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The Volvo XC40 Is A Smash Hit With Nearly 80,000 Orders

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Now the challenge is to keep up with demand.

What happens when you're an automaker with a hot-selling new vehicle you can't build fast enough? Crank up production. That's exactly what's happening with the all-new Volvo XC40 compact crossover. Automotive News Europe reports that Volvo is planning to expand XC40 output at its factory in Belgium in order to meet the nearly 80,000 orders received since September. Production is also slated to begin in China next year in order to meet the needs of that vital market.

The XC40 Belgium plant also builds the S60 sedan and V60 sedan, but not for much longer. Those models will shift production to a new US facility later this year, which will free up much-needed space for XC40 output. Furthermore, the XC40 is built on an all-new platform that'll also underpin new models, though a Volvo spokesperson confirmed they won't be hatchbacks. The platform itself, dubbed CMA for Compact Modular Architecture, was co-developed with Geely, Volvo's sibling brand and parent company. This platform is also shared with Lynk & Co., the Chinese EV startup Volvo has a stake in. So in other words, CMA can be adapted for an electric vehicle.

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But for now, Volvo is basking in XC40 success which, according to CEO Hakan Samuelsson, "has surpassed our highest expectations." We also experienced the XC40 in Texas and came away very impressed overall. With its reasonable $35,000 base price, a younger generation of buyers who are not necessarily college professors are also being targeted. Volvo has a hit on its hands and it's vital now to ensure all of those orders (and upcoming ones) are fulfilled quickly.