Volvo XC90's Successor Could Be Named Embla

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Volvo's nomenclature as we know it could change forever.

Volvo is well underway in turning its fleet of gas and hybrid cars into all-electric models, and has had a stellar 2021 thanks in part to the successful launch of its first-ever all-electric model, the Volvo XC40 Recharge, and a general boom in sales. Volvo is continuing its electric crusade by replacing its largest SUV, the Volvo XC90, with a new all-electric model that promises to be the world's safest SUV when it finally arrives. Along with the new flagship model will come a new name. Volvo has traditionally stuck with a simple numeric or alpha-numeric naming scheme, but the XC90's replacement could be getting a name starting with a vowel.

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Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson let slip in a recent interview with Automotive News that the name "will start with a vowel." That isn't much of a clue, but thanks to some clever people on the internet we know that Volvo filed a trademark in October for the "Embla" moniker. This is the only trademark starting with a vowel that the company has filed for in the past four years, making it a likely candidate. The name makes even more sense when you consider that it is the name of the first female in Norse mythology. This ties in perfectly with the fact that the XC90's replacement will be Volvo's first dedicated electric vehicle.

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"It will be born electric, so there will be none of the compromises that come when you make a combustion car an EV," Samuelsson told Automotive News. "That means we don't have to worry about where the engine and exhaust system will go. This car will have a flat floor and roomy interior. It will be the perfect family car in Europe and the US, where the current XC90 is very popular today. It will have a high seating position, good visibility and you'll drive around without having a guilty conscience because you will be driving electric."
Information on the new car's powertrain and range is still unclear, but all will be revealed when the car makes its official debut next year.

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Source Credits: Automotive News

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