The Vulcano Titanium Has A $10 Million Price Tag In China


But the 68 million Yuan question is: will anyone pay it?

The Icona Vulcano Titanium has been doing the rounds over the past couple of years, including a notable showing at Pebble Beach, and the ambitious one-off titanium-bodied supercar has yet to find a suitor. Four years after it debuted in Shanghai, the Icona has returned to the China expo wearing its titanium body and carrying a price tag of over 68 million Yuan. That's equivalent to some $10 million. If it doesn't find a buyer in China, where tax on cars like this is 170 percent, the Vulcano will return to Europe.

Here, it will try and find someone willing to shell over 2.5 million Euros. For that the buyer will get a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine sourced from the C6 Corvette ZR1 rated at 670 horsepower and 620 lb-ft of torque. Icona claims it'll rocket to 220 mph, with 0-60 mph happening in just 2.8 seconds and the quarter mile in 8.6 seconds. Power can also be upped to 1,000 hp upon request and Icona says it can lap the Nurburgring in 7 minutes 20 seconds. What really sets the Vulcano apart of course is the fact that it's the world's first car to be made solely from titanium. Over 10,000 hours of work went into hand-crafting the body, which has been left unpainted to show off the unique material underneath.

Most of the titanium panels were worked using traditional coachbuilding methods, hammered by hand without the need for welds or heating. Former Bertone designer Samual Chuffart is responsible for the Vulcano's look, while former Scuderia Ferrari engineer Claudio Lombardi handled the engineering work. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox from Italy's Automac Modena. The wheels are forged aluminum measuring 20/21 inches front/rear, wrapped in Pirelli P Zeroes and housing carbon ceramic brakes. The interior boasts a touchscreen infotainment center with switches underneath to flip, a 12.3-inch gauge cluster and a button-free flat-bottom steering wheel. So, any takers?

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