Hot Hatch

The VW GTI is the Car That Will Give You Everything

The original hot hatch is still the segment's benchmark.

Perhaps the VW GTI’s only drawback is the fact that it’s not rear-wheel-drive. For many driving enthusiasts, that’s reason enough not to buy one. But if front-wheel-drive suits you just fine, then the GTI is without question one of the best all-around cars on the market. After all, it is the original hot hatch. For years competing automakers have benchmarked the GTI but have yet to truly bring out something better.

Sure, the Ford Focus ST is a great car, but the GTI, specifically the new seventh-gen model, has years of refinement under its belt. Porsche has evolved and improved its 911 since its inception, and VW follows that same formula with its GTI. The guys at XCAR recently took a new GTI out for a spin and hardly had a bad thing to say.

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