The Way Automakers Allocate Rare Cars To Certain Countries Makes No Sense

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How carefully does BMW select who gets the M4 GTS?

Sharing, it's one of the best ways to make friends and remain a considerate human being that makes your mom proud. Rare cars, whether intentionally made to be limited or not, don't get to see this philosophy of spreading the wealth, so automakers try to even out the deal as best as they can. Rewarding markets that buy the highest volume of cars is the normal way to go, but BMW doesn't seem to think so. The BMW M4 GTS will only ever be cloned 700 times, so it will remain rarer than most Ferraris.

The US will get the largest share of GTS M4s because it is the largest M market. 300 of these cars will make it to American shores. However Germany, where BMW is built, will only see 80 of the cars roam its roads. Meanwhile China, the largest BMW consumer in the world, will only get 15 of the cars. Canada will import 50, meaning a ratio of 1 car for 712,000 people compared to China's 1 car to 92 million people. Nearby in Hong Kong, a single lonely M4 GTS will make its way over while Indonesia will get three, Mexico will receive two, and France will get ten. Get your $138,000 checks ready if you want a chance at one. Keep in mind that these numbers are estimates based off of dealership numbers and are not confirmed by BMW.

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